Protect Your Teeth With These Tips

You only get one set of teeth and many problems are there to stand in the way of their health and beauty. Once your teeth are gone, there is no getting them back. Since or smile is one of our most important attributes, it’s important that we do all we can to protect it. How can you protect your smile? A few dentist-recommended tips are below.

Brush & Floss Your Teeth

Two brushings each day prevents many dental problems, including cavities and gum disease. Brush in the morning and again before bedtime. Children one-year of age and older should brush their teeth each day. Older kids and adults should also floss to remove any built-up particles in the teeth. Use fluoridated toothpaste and never scrub the teeth. Don’t forget to brush the tongue!

Eat The Right Foods

The foods you eat affect your teeth and oral health. Avoid sweet snacks and drinks filled with acid, since they cause holes to form in the teeth and also contribute to gum disease. Choose healthy fruits and vegetables instead of those processed foods, sweets, and other not so good for your foods. When you eat healthy foods, the teeth will thank you.

Visit the Dentist

Nothing is more important than regular dental visits. The dentist examines the teeth and ensures that problems are of concern. He keeps the teeth pearly white and healthy. Visit  a family dentist orange twice per year, per recommendations from the American Dental Association, to ensure good oral health.

family dentist orange

Final Word

The above tips help protect your teeth against cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, and other concerns. Do not take any chances with your oral health and use this information to keep your teeth and oral health in best condition.