The Dangers of Ticks and Why You Should Protect Your Home Against This Pest

Ticks are one of the worst pests we must worry about during the summer. This pest affects babies, children, and adults, but also the pets, especially dogs. Ticks suck blood from their victim and can transmit diseases, including Lyme disease. It is in your best interest to keep ticks as far away from your home as possible if you want to enjoy summer and stay safe.

Many types of tick species exist, many of which can be found in Georgia. Thankfully only a handful of tick species carry disease. Ticks can be found anywhere but you’re more likely to encounter them in woody areas. Most people get bitten by ticks during camping trips and other outdoor adventures. Wear protection (a DEET repellent) when going outside during the summer.

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Consider calling a tick extermination company columbus ga as well. Pest control experts have a variety of products that keep ticks away from your home and rid any current infestations. Costs vary but it is the best way to get top notch protection against ticks. Compare costs with a few companies to find the best prices for service.

Tick bites usually itch and cause inflammation of the skin. Sometimes finding bites is hard because the tick tends to hide where there is lots of hair or in the folds of the skin. Some people may also experience allergic reactions to tick bites. This can lead to symptoms up to and including difficulty breathing. An infection from the bite is also possible. Lyme disease is the most serious concern caused by a tick bite. It takes just 24 hours to transmit this disease to a human. Worrying about these dangers on top of dozens of others can get the best of anyone. Worry not more and hire pest control experts for help.